• Hello, I am new to the forum. I apologize I dont speak German, only english. Please call me Art. I am building a little HT with projectors and screens. I am sensitive to motion blur so I was always advised to use DLP projectors, but it's an open unanswered question for me whether the latest generation of lcos, like JVC NX, or the next one, like the JVC NZ, still has worse motion than DLP, or not. But unless I learn that the motion is the same now, I will stick with DLP like I have been in the past. My memory for like twenty years ago is still that nothing comes close to CRT motion, but the only CRT display I had was a 35 inch TV, so it is hard to compare a 100+ inch projected image now to a 35 inch image from my memory 20 years ago. :D I am also attempting to double stack projectors for 3D, which has been quite the complication.

  • Hello Art,

    welcome to the heimkinoverein forum.

    The topic DLP vs LCOS is a hot topic and discussed here in several threads as you probably already noticed.

    If I may give you hint ... as (some of) the forum members are less familiar with the english language you may receive not so many answers to your threads.

    Just in case that you are looking for a forum in english language I can recommend https://www.avsforum.com/ - btw, that is the largest forum.

    Best regards,


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